History Constructs the House That Sometimes Holds Us
Fabricated wall covering, wood, acrylic paint, and mixed media on paper
12' x 12' x 12'

Installed at Artspace in New Haven, for the exhibition, Revolution on Trial: May Day and The People’s Art, New Haven’s Black Panther @ 50. This wallpaper is comprised of 17 drawings in which, I use drawing as an exploratory medium to translate materials from the archive, posed through concerns of contemporary imagination. In a recently completed work, History Constructs the House that Sometimes Holds Us, I explore the history of housing and the Black community in New Haven, Connecticut. Through records of local and federal housing authorities and adjacent archives, I found connections between racialized housing policy and funding of “Model Cities” that connect histories of land speculation formed from the colonial era to the present-day real estate industry in the urban northeast.
photo credit: Sarah Fritchey
history constructs the house that sometimes holds us